Siesmic Protection

Siesmic Protection

Aline Technology in conjunction with ASP Floors builds all installations to meet the requirements of NZS 1170.5 Earthquake Actions –New Zealand, in particular, Section 8 – Requirements for Parts & Components. You can be assured in the event of an earthquake you have the best protection for your infrastructure. Bracing designs are performed by our qualified and experienced Chartered Professional Engineer, CPEng (Structural).  

Our proven seismic mitigation designs protect your sensitive and expensive equipment during ground vibration events. However, seismic bracing is not just for earthquake zones. The same seismic solutions help reinforce raised flooring systems under heavy equipment (i.e. data silos, air conditioning units, UPS/battery backup units, etc…).

Our professional installation team has years of experience using seismic and earthquake-resistant bracing methods that meet the requirements of NZS 1170.5 Earthquake Actions –New Zealand, 

Siesmic bracing gives you the added insurance that an earthquake won’t result in damaged equipment or downtime. 

Innovative seismic bracing solutions can be customised to suit each client’s specific equipment requirements.