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About TXO Systems

TXO Systems provides the highest quality, 3 year warrantied optics and 100% compatible products. We supply all form factors across all platforms including SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP, QSFP28, X2, Xenpak, CFP2, CFP4, GBIC all at a fraction of the cost of vendor branded equivalents, in some cases saving hundreds or even thousands on a single module. Our range is MSA(Multi Source Agreement) standards compliant, sourced from the same manufacturers supplying the big brand vendors and comprehensively tested within TXO's facility to ensure 100% compatibility.


Telecom Equipment Sales

With more than 800,000 multi-vendor parts in stock, TXO Systems holds one of the world’s largest and most complete inventories of fixedline and mobile telecoms infrastructure. We sell a vast range of core network, transmission, switching, IP and wireless equipment, from all leading manufacturers including Nokia, Siemens, Nortel, Ciena, Ericsson, Marconi, Alcatel. Lucent and more. 


Asset Recovery

We operate a true end-to-end framework solution, including asset removal, valuation, processing, storage and resale to leverage significant value through asset tracking, audit trail & environmental compliance. We work with you to create an asset recovery program to suit your requirements and maximise the reuse, resale and recycling value of your legacy and surplus equipment.



Where equipment has no market value, or cannot be refurbished for return to service, TXO Systems offers a comprehensive recycling service. As Europe’s leading recycler of Telecoms equipment, processing over 250T per month, we are able to extract maximum residual value for component parts broken down in our processing facilities.


Optical Transceivers

TXO Optics is a division of TXO Systems focused on properly tested compatible optical transceivers for telecoms use. We have an unrivalled telecoms testing lab, a vast selection of compatible optical transceivers including CFP, CFP2, CFP4, SFP and SFP+, QSFP, XFP, X2 and XENPAK compliant with MSA standards, and a highly experienced team to help you to deploy them.


Test, Repair & Engineering

From our 5,000 sq ft, leading-edge ESD test and repair laboratory, we provide high quality, end-toend, global test, repair and engineering services.



Talk to Us Today!

Contact us by phone + 64 9 579 4799 or e-mail us for any inquiries about TXO system products.