OEM Compatible Optical Transceivers

About Deep Telco Equipment Knowledge

Other companies with a similar profile to TXO simply re-label product that they purchase from the factory and have no or limited ability to test in the appropriate equipment.

TXO has been supporting telecoms equipment since 2005 and we believe that we have the largest range of telecoms equipment within our test lab. This means that we can test the transceiver in the relevant networking equipment in order to ensure inter-operability. Importantly TXO has this capability and knowledge across the full range of telecom domains such as SDH/ SONET/DWDM/OTN, not just basic enterprise use Ethernet devices.

MSA Compliant

Transceivers from TXO Optics are Multi Source Agreement (MSA) compliant which means that they meet the same operating specifications as those provided by the OEM. TXO is an authority in all aspects of MSA compatible optical transceivers including coding/programming, testing and distribution to anywhere in the world.

Great Value

Customers can save hundreds or even thousands of USD/EUR on a single module for a product of comparable quality.

Robust Testing Procedure

We have a documented testing procedure for the following equipment types and routinely produce transceivers for use in these systems, fully tested in the equipment in our test lab.

Quality First

TXO’s business is focussed solely on the needs of telco operators and data centers. We understand that the value of the services running on the equipment is high and also that quality and attention to detail is critically important. That’s why we test the transceiver for both functionality in terms of transmit power and receive sensitivity of the laser using appropriate test and measurement equipment as well as for inter-operability in the intended equipment. In the rare event that the product is not completely satisfactory we will always replace.