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The Server Technology® PRO2 Switched POPS PDU provides control of outlet power and local LED input current monitoring, allowing IT personnel to determine safe levels of loading on a per-phase basis while installing equipment into the rack/cabinet. The integral PIPS® and POPS® technology provides billing-grade accurate measurement of current, voltage, active power, apparent power, power factor, crest factor, and accumulated energy at the input and at each output. These power data points, along with temperature and humidity measurements (provided via optional probes), are accessible through the built-in Web and CLI interfaces as well as through SNMP. The PRO2 Switched POPS “Master" PDU can be connected to as many as three (with optional module) PRO2 Switched POPS “Link" PDUs to extend the network access to the redundant or secondary power feed without the risks of a daisy chain linking configuration.

STV 6541K


PRO2 Switched POPS STV-6541 3.3kW - 7.3kW (18) C13 and (6) C19 outlets


Key Features 

STV 6541K key feature


Family Specifications

Branch Monitoring: Current (A) Power Pivot Input:  No 
Branch Overcurrent Protection: 5 kAIC Product Height (inch):  64.0 
Branch Overcurrent Protection Type: Circuit Breaker: 2-pole Product Height (mm):  1626 
Dual Input: No Product Max Depth (inch):  3.5 
High Retention Outlets: Yes Product Max Depth (mm):  89 
Input Current Display: Auto-Orient Product Nominal Depth (inch):  3.5 
Input Monitoring: PIPS Product Nominal Depth (mm):  89 
Locking Outlets: Yes Product Width (inch):  1.75 
Max Operating Temperature: 60 °C Product Width (mm):  45 
Fast Movers: No    
Mounting: 0U Vertical    
Outlet Monitoring: POPS    
PDU Platform:  Logo pro2 380d599343245c73f8618681db91b264d0453cfb6062ab5463b005aa04e11fc4    


Product Specifications


Input Power Capacity (kW):  7.3
Input Plug Type: IEC 230V/32A 2P+PE 6Hr
Input Current (A): 32
Input Current Rated (A): 32
Input Nominal Voltage (V): 230
Input Phase: 1-Phase (L-N)
Input Cord Location: Bottom/Front
Outlet Form Factor: Conventional 
Total Outlets:  24 
IEC C13 Count:  18 
IEC C19 Count: 



Design Drawing - DD 412-1219-10




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UG - C2W Series Switched PRO2 – User Guide (Firmware Version 8.0) 


Application Notes

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