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Smart POPS Cost Sensitive

POPS® Smart & Switched PDU Adds Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS) to Smart or Switched PDUs to provide power monitoring per an individual outlet/device. Power information per individual outlet /device includes current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor, and power factor. Using our grouping technology, power information is available per device, groups of devices (application), individual PDU or cabinet.

smart pops cost sensitive


Smart POPS CSG-24V2/E 3.3kW - 7.3kW (18) C13 & (6) C19 outlets


Key Features

smart pops cost sensitive key feature


Family Specifications

Branch Monitoring: Sense  Power Pivot Input: No 
Branch Overcurrent Protection: 5 kAIC  Product Height (inch):  61.0 
Branch Overcurrent Protection Type: Circuit Breaker: 2-pole  Product Height (mm):  1550
Dual Input: No  Product Max Depth (inch):  3.5 
High Retention Outlets: Yes  Product Max Depth (mm):  89 
Input Current Display:  Auto-Orient  Product Nominal Depth (inch):  3.5 
Input Monitoring:  PIPS  Product Nominal Depth (mm):  89 
Locking Outlets:  Yes  Product Width (inch):  1.75 
Max Operating Temperature:  50 °C  Product Width (mm):  45 
Fast Movers:  No     
Mounting:  0U Vertical     
Outlet Monitoring:  POPS     
PDU Platform:  CDU1     


Product Specifications


Input Power Capacity (kW): 7.3 
Input Plug Type:  IEC 230V/32A 2P+PE 6Hr 
Input Current (A):  32 
Input Current Rated (A):  32 
Input Nominal Voltage (V):  230 
Input Phase:  1-Phase (L-N) 
Input Cord Location:  Bottom/Front 
Outlet Form Factor:  Conventional 
Total Outlets:  24 
IEC C13 Count:  18 
IEC C19 Count: 




Input Power Capacity (kW): 3.6
Input Plug Type: IEC C20 200-240V Inlet
Input Current (A): 16
Input Current Rated (A): 16
Input Nominal Voltage (V): 230
Input Phase: 1-Phase (L-N)
Input Cord Location: Bottom/Front
Outlet Form Factor: Conventional
Total Outlets: 24
IEC C13 Count: 18
IEC C19 Count: 6



Design Diagram - DD 412-0436-18

Wiring Diagram - WD 495-0436-18




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