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Basic PDU

Basic PDU

Sometimes, you just don’t need all the bells and whistles of an HDOT Smart POPS PDUs. Maybe your needs are much simpler. In that case, we’ve got your covered. When your greatest concern is delivering reliable, consistent power, the Basic PDU family from Server Technology offers a dependable everyday solution for your data center. With branch circuit protection, these PDUs from Server Technology meet UL and IEC data center requirements. Optional flexible mounting and color identification features are available.

Basic pdu


Basic CB-26VE 3.3kW - 7.3kW (24) C13 & (2) C19 outlets


Key Features


 Branch Circuit Protection

This PDU meets the UL and IEC 60950-1 requirement for branch circuit protection through use of UL489 rated magnetic-hydraulic circuit breakers or UL248 fuses.


 Flexible Mounting
This rack PDU includes standard button mounts along with provisions for custom mounting brackets (contact Server Technology for details).


 Color Identification

Choose from six colors to designate circuits for rack PDUs in the data center. Color options include Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow, and Black.

   High Retention Locking Outlets

Receptacles have high retention and are compatible with P-Lock type power cords.



Family Specifications 

Branch Monitoring: None Power Pivot Input:  No 
Branch Overcurrent Protection: 5 kAIC  Product Height (inch):  35.5 
Branch Overcurrent Protection Type: Circuit Breaker: 2-pole  Product Height (mm):  902 
Dual Input: No  Product Max Depth (inch):  3.39 
High Retention Outlets:  Yes  Product Max Depth (mm):  87 
Input Current Display:    Product Nominal Depth (inch):  1.75 
Input Monitoring:  None  Product Nominal Depth (mm): 45 
Locking Outlets:  Yes  Product Width (inch):  1.75 
Max Operating Temperature:  50 °C  Product Width (mm):  45 
Fast Movers:  No     
Mounting:  0U Vertical     
Outlet Monitoring:  None     
PDU Platform:  None     



Product Specifications


Input Power Capacity (kW): 7.3
Input Plug Type: IEC 230V/32A 2P+PE 6Hr
Input Current (A): 32
Input Current Rated (A): 32
Input Nominal Voltage (V): 230
Input Phase: 1-Phase (L-N)
Input Cord Location: Bottom/Front
Outlet Form Factor: Conventional
Total Outlets: 26
IEC C13 Count: 24
IEC C19 Count: 2




Design Diagram - DD 412-0958-2

Wiring Diagram - WD 495-0958-2



UG - CB Series Basic Cabinet Power Distribution Unit - Installation & Operations Manual


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