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Switched -48VDC (2) 100A inputs (16) 10A outputs

The Sentry 4805-XLS-16B Intelligent PDU and Remote Power Manager minimizes the impact of locked-up routers, servers and other network devices on business-critical networks. CLECs, ILECs, ISPs and enterprises use the Sentry 4805-XLS-16B to manage equipment in remote sites, co-location facilities and network operation centers. Sentry 4805-XLS-16B eliminates the need to dispatch a field service technician for manual intervention when devices lock-up. Using a Sentry 4805-XLS-16B, the network operations center can quickly restart locked-up remote network servers to ensure that the network is fully operational around the clock.


Key Features

Switched 48VDC 2 100A inputs 8 20A outputs key f1

Switched 48VDC 2 100A inputs 8 20A outputs key f2

Switched 48VDC 2 100A inputs 8 20A outputs key f3


Family Specifications

Branch Monitoring: None  Power Pivot Input:  No 
Branch Overcurrent Protection:   Product Height (inch):  3.5
Branch Overcurrent Protection Type: Fuse Disconnect  Product Height (mm):  89 
Dual Input:  Yes  Product Max Depth (inch):  13.11 
High Retention Outlets:  No  Product Max Depth (mm):  333 
Input Current Display:  None  Product Nominal Depth (inch):  12.0 
Input Monitoring:  None  Product Nominal Depth (mm):  305 
Locking Outlets:  No  Product Width (inch):  17.0 
Max Operating Temperature:  50 °C  Product Width (mm):  432 
Fast Movers:  No     
Mounting:  2U Horizontal     
Outlet Monitoring:  Current (A)     
PDU Platform:  CDU1     


Product Specifications


Input Power Capacity (kW): 9.6
Input Plug Type: Other
Input Current (A): 200
Input Current Rated (A): 200
Input Nominal Voltage (V): -48
Input Phase: DC
Input Cord Location: Horizontal
Outlet Form Factor:  
Total Outlets: 16
Other Outlets: 16



Wiring Diagram - DD 412-4810-6

Wiring Diagram - WD 495-4810-6 (coming soon) 




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UG - (-48 VDC) 300A and 600A Remote Power Manager - Installation and Operations Manual (v7.0)

UG - (-48 VDC) 75A and 100A Remote Power Manager - Installation & Operations manual (v7.0)


Application Notes 

AN 48VDC-001: How can I monitor and manage DC power for a rack with two Juniper MX960’s?


Technical Notes

TN - Sentry -48VDC Fuses and Circuit Breakers

TN - Using LDAP with Sentry Firmware and Sentry Power Manager (SPM) (303-9999-30)



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